My first day at school

I went to school today.
And tho’ it was quite new
I found the kids were lots of fun
And I liked our teacher too!

At first I felt that I might cry
For I didn’t know a soul.
But soon the class bell rang, and then
Our teacher took the roll.

We each were given a desk
To call our very own.
Mine’s right up in the front
Next to a girl named Joan.

The teacher said that we should draw
A picture of a man.
We all went right to work on it,
That’s when the fun began.

After we finished our pictures,
The teacher said we’d sing.
So we crowded round the piano
And made a great big ring!

The day went by so fast,
The time just seemed to fly.
When mother called for me at three,
I hated to say good-bye.

So I’m going again tomorrow,
I won’t miss a second of it,
And I’ll do just what the teacher says,
‘Cause I really and truly love it.

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