Pockets in Jeans

Corliss wrote poetry for family events, for a poetry circle she joined in the 1970s (or at least that’s what she said it was), and when the spirit moved her.  This was one of her favorites:

Pockets in Jeans

Pockets in jeans were meant to hold,
skate keys, rocks and rubber bands
treasures found in rubbish pails,
everything but little hands

Pockets n jeans can never be,
empty and unstuffed,
Just as sneakers cannot be,
tie, with toes unscuffed

Shirts tails MUST be hanging out,
hair in need to brushing.
Voices MUST be loud and shrill
with constant threats of “hushing”!

And tho’ my boys had often tried
to explain these facts to me,
I never understood them,
till I had boy number three!

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