Remembering Corliss

Dear Friends of Corliss,

I am writing to inform you of very sad news. My mother Corliss Fyfe Whitney, passed away peacefully on December 13th at NYU Hospital.

Even though she was 83, it was still a shock, for us all.

So many of you have reached out to us with love and support. We appreciate your words and wishes so much. It has only confirmed what we already knew, that Mom was amazing in how she touched so many and was loved for her efforts to make people happy.

I would appreciate it if all of you would forward this email to anyone who you think should receive it. Feel free to respond to this email with questions or thoughts.

Mom has asked to be cremated and she was explicit in her wish to not have a funeral service of any kind. So you all know – I personally asked her to reconsider a service on many occasions over the past months – pointing out that everyone would want to celebrate her at a ceremony of some kind, but Mom made clear that she felt she was honored by all of us in life. After much discussion within my family, we have chosen to adhere to her wishes.

Photos, messages, condolences can be sent to

I¹ll end this with a message directly from one of my Mom’s emails on the topic of how people can celebrate her life – she wrote:

“You might mention people can make donations to their favorite charities. Most important to me is being nice to people you do not know, the world needs more of that. Be nice to a stranger and whisper to yourself, ‘Corliss, that one was for you.”

With Love,

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