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  1. Millie DiMauro Boesch says:

    Did not work with Corliss at the Hall but got to know her through the Rockette Alumnae. Appreciated the stories of the past about Rockettes I never knew. I realized that I was probably inspired as a child to become a Rockette by the very girls Corliss wrote about in our newsletter. No matter what era we were from, our experiences at the Hall and with our sister Rockettes, were the same. “Once a Rockette always a Rockette”.

    Corliss will always be remembered for her energetic, gregarious nature, and of course her famous “split”.

    Millie DiMauro Boesch

  2. Liz Roberts says:

    Scott, A better friend I could not -hhave had -. I miss her – we started dancing in “her” house = I can’t say enough good things about her she was sthe best – and to teach the Steppers – unbelieveable-never said negative about anyone- as you can tell – I’m on the computer- your Mom spoke of you often with so much love and praise – may she always live in your heart

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